Thursday, May 16, 2019

What is Real Hate/Violence?

  Is Hate the cause of violence?      That is a big NO good buddy.  Hate and violence are two separate things. Hate is a root cause anomaly cause not by Nature but they controlled nurturer. Violence, on the Other hand, is a Thunderstorm.  The setting sun. Or a sick child.  Man to man violence is caused by the breakdown of mankind’s Group Mind. A larger mind like you have of your own. No one controls this oneness. This is the Mind we all have been praying to for the millennium. Some times miss labeled as God or one of his sons. There have been many called Saints Avatars and gods only son. There have and are many. This time now is a universal end cycle test time. We have many possibilities that can manifest at this time. Know one knows the when how or by whom EXCEPT those playing at that level of the Group game. There is 13 total in existence on this planet today.  No single one controls it all. You could say there are more than 4 horsemen. There total is 13. You Will know them by their deeds.  Lots of mistakes will be made first. But in the end, we will make it. Even if you do not.                      How does this Hate get to the lower selves of individualism? Through the control of Information of the past. Those that have control of the past history to teach others to create their future that creates the present. Thing going wrong means the past is wrong not the present. The present is controlled through The legal system called moral code and ethics and Is monster 3Rd part Laws.  Scramble the 3 to create lots of Juice and contamination to control through the giving away of rights call Moral codes. Shove down our throats threw social media t.v. and movies and Print. Control of YOUR info Will is the DEATH of us all. Pretty soon you will not be able to scratch your own balls even in your own private Living room. The name home in the future will be hiding Place.  Ever hear the term Hiding in Plan site? Well, get used to it. We have been doped to our Doom... You and I. Our roots determine our stability. Our trunk is our strength, our limbs future hopes. Can a common storm blow you over Like the home of the 3 little pigs? Good Luck. I will see you in the trenches. Man Is like a tree.

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