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Pedophilia And Local Catholic Priest In Indianapolis.

Pedophilia; Location of the Game. Indy

When I was 11, My Dad remarried, a German Jew named Larry Blankenship ( Leuria Jewel).   She would become torturer and humiliate us 4 boys that were given to my dad by the wisdom of the local divorce court. So he would not have to pay support for his other children.  Within weeks we would have to eat hard dog food to survive her Hate for us. Detail of all the abuse is documented in my Book #Behindthemen’sroomdoor. I have to give you a couple of stories. Or I will collapse into massive shame. We would be Held Down then she would pour turpentine directly into our assholes. Two of the 4 got this treatment for wetting the bed. Which of course we did because we were terrified. She would wait until the neighborhood kids would come out. When she would make us wash our pissy sheet in a tube in the back yard. Talking loudly so all could hear that we were bed wetter. We were 11. Later that year we would end up for our 5TH and last time as Inmates at the Local Marion County children’s Home our on University Ave. on the Old Butler Campus. Now a Charter High school. Suddenly we both stopped wetting the bed.  I would have a profound religious experience At That time. On a special holiday, Palm Sunday something possessed me to walk out of our house One block from a three-way corner street Where Collage Virginia Avenue and our street cross. The city market was there on the corner at the time. I walk down the middle of the road as The wind became powerful. When up in front of me, Clouds were Stirring and bursting in power. Suddenly a Twist form before my eyes Moving directly at me. I looked at it and decided I could handle Larry, My stepmom, but Not this weather. I then, without thought, commanded it to go away. It dissolved before my very eyes. Later that day, I heard there were 20 or so Tornado that Palm Sunday. April 11TH, 1965, I was eleven. After Larry’s Dog Chippie Bite the youngest of us four in the Lip For eating his food while on all fours at his dog bowl, he was returned to the Safety of Mom.                                             I had several religious events Happen to me before I was 12. This is the big one.   What became known as the turning point of my life, a major crossroads, was my next religious experience. It was the Turning Point That would kick in two years. Here goes.  My stepmom and Dad got Married on March 5, 1963. I was 9. Dad had to remarry as part of a court agreement. We moved into her house at 1401 !/2 Saint Charles Street. This is one block from a busy street South Meriden. There was a fatal car wreck at that corner causing the city to put a light on the corner. Upon moving into this Place where local kids would later tell us an old man had committed suicide upstairs in our bedroom. We were told not to cross any street. My twin and I had no toys, not even a Ball. we did have a few marbles. We went out to the front and decided to kick a can down our sidewalk. could not cross a street, so we kicked it up the street south when we discover a Massive church with a little parking lot to kick the can in. It was A Saturday or Sunday morning. The church was Sacred Heart Catholic Church. We both looked up where it appeared two angles of god seemed to float downward. I thought they came down the stairs. There are none. I instantly realized that I saw messengers from God. To finally hear my prayer, Our prayer. I would never have survived had it not been for my twin. The one that lived in an incubator for four months at birth. I felt personally responsible for what was about to happen to us.  These two gods Messager were the Local priest. I had never seen such an outfit.  These two men Ask us to stop kicking the can and having a few minutes of fun. They invited us Into the Church. We went like sheep with them. There had said we could come into the Church and go bowling instead of waking the whole neighborhood. Bowling. I had never bowled. I would have followed him into hell if he wanted. He did. When we got to the Bowling Ally, we told to take off our holy tennis shoes. When the priest discovered My whole socks. He told me the two priests had somehow separated us. I to take off my socks. Then he asked had I ever been examined by a doctor. I said no. I had once taken candy from the medicine cabinet requiring my stomach to be pumped at General hospital where I was born. Now Eskenazi. He undressed me and Gave me new socks, underwear, and a tee-shirt after he stuck something in my anus. I was pretty surprised. He was a Doctor, after all. He did not undress but pulled up his outfit.  Over the next two years, I waited for God to come to me. He did later in a powerful way. It is in the book. If you can find it.  We only bowled one ball as I recall.About two years later after the last trip to the r Home, Dad dropped the two of us off Downtown to the only movie theater open on Sunday. THe OHIO Theater. After arriving, Lon went to the bathroom and came back with the Largest box of popcorn and drink had ever seen. We had no money. I turned in surprise and said Go into the men’s room, and some guy will give you five dollars to look at your dick. I went, and he did. I then knew what God wanted me to do.  This happened after being set up and attacked by my paper station manager when I delivered the star on Prospect street. This is where I also had sex while Dick Luger watched. Now I had a way out of this paper station Rape every Saturday Morning with a growing audience. There Was some else watching with  School board member Dick Luger Latter Mayor the U.U. Senator. Now dead. By the time I stopped, I was 18 when a client of mine was Murdered possible because of me. He lived on North Lassalle Street. on November 29, 1971. I finished high school and joined the U.S.Army. I was free. Or so I thought so. Somehow the close-knit group of Catholic priest would pass us around like they owned us. I personally had sex with about 25 over 5 years.  The local church has Failed to acknowledge this. It is called Denial.  All is true.

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