Friday, May 17, 2019

Abortion Redefined; woman must be strong not wronged.

 Here We Go...    I was born the 7TH child of a teenage mom. I was her 5th boy ending with a 7/3 total. Ten plus mom and dad = twelve.  I was born as an Identical twin. We were born with a medical condition called TTT&.  Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome.  I was big and healthy. But have had a lifetime of problems with Limb Flexibility. I was afraid to move I am guessing in the womb. My other half was tiny. Needing an immediate Blood transfusion to survive. A Black Women at the General hospital can=me forward. Causing a childhood of teasing to him saying he was half black.  He went to live in an Incubator. I went home to a family living in severe poverty. I would not be reunited with him for several months. Somehow thinking I had caused his loss. It turned out that I owed him my life after birth with his abilities to survive in hardship. I would be Raped by forced Oral by a male teen cousin. confirm my mom before she passed away. This would set up a lifetime of excepted abuse.  I am aware of Entering my body on my bodies first breath. Why would any God put his prized animal to suffer through 9 months of physical growth?  You are a spirit. You are quite old in the time structure. I have lived nine lives on this dirtball. Seven of those as a Twin with the same other-half each time. There is zero doubt in my mind about when a fetus becomes a baby. It would we at the easiest time yet early enough to get animal training then Emotional training 6 months to 2 or 3 years to logical training an out into the family group and world. The current fight over woman's rights is
about availability to the male only. The woman must be strong not wronged.

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