Monday, May 20, 2019

Abortion- Final Report- You get to decide.

      The united state constitution was built upon the foundation of a Political Philosopher named John Locke. In Elements of a perfect state, he postulated four simple words. They are Liberty Equality Freedom and property.  Most have a definition for the first three. They are all subjective. The property, on the other hand, is Exterior. Outside of ourselves. They those do not care for most of this used that last one to declare that a corporation is a person. But treat a single woman as if she is not. That was wrong. However. A person body is Indeed property. Think of the results to our Life Building Partners, The African American Race. Slaves as property. Now being done threw law enforcement to the Prison Corporation Complex and all it contains. Therefore I postulate that my body your body is indeed property. Your Right to own it. Therefore it is your right to Deal with it in your own way. But after a child is born you are only its caretaker until it is trained to live in this life at there time threw self-decision. Ethic a higher calling suggests that reason must also prevail. But it is your right to decide. Ethic exist but to work cannot be forced on anyone. That is why Laws and moral code came about. First created by Moses and his 10 commandments.  So others could control punish imprison or impoverish you.  To keep your body into there line. Be true yourself and Resist that next step of Massive group control by a few for the many. It Is "I" Public party of Indiana

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