Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Action" is the denial of everything else except the act.

Just before I was born, I had a visitor That Told me it was time to come to you. I was again meet at the Gate to Here and now. There were 3 of us that came down at the same time. Yet I would be born as an Identical twin. Never know where the 3rd soul went. I was born into the lowest level of life at The Crossroads of America to a teenage mom Named Mary. I was her 7TH child and 4th sun. I would have 3 more siblings after me. My dad was a carpenter named Virgil. within 24 hours of arrival, the world would shatter around me. My Identical Twin was born with TTTS (Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), also known as feto-fetal transfusion syndrome (FFTS) and twin oligohydramnios-polyhydramnios sequence (TOPS) is a complication of disproportionate blood supply, resulting in high morbidity and mortality.) While he totally disappeared for 6 to 8 months, I moved forward. I had my first Massive Trama when I was Held down teased and Cut to bleed. I had been circumcised. While still a baby unable to roll over yet I was molested by a cousin helping out. His Name was Buddy Huddleston. I was gauged. After a few years of growth, I would be paired up with my twin where we ended up at an uncles house on dad side f the family. Another male teen cousin ( a register child rapist today) would do massages that included placing with him and US. This happened almost daily for several months Until my twin showed his dick to the girls that lived next store. Going back to moms we would begin to go to 21 Grade schools some more than once. We moved over 100 times. On one move I was not in school as of yet I left the yard for the adventure into the ally. I soon discovered to my assessment a pile of Mail unopened by a burning trash barrel. I picked the stack up and started to leave when a Teen grabbed me and said I was going to be held for the police. He took me inside his house Into a room with 2 twin beds side by side. I was forced to do him. I had tasted cum for the first time before I was 5 years old. Some got on my shirt. I rushed home as fast as I could to tell my mom that the Police were after me. I hid under a bed. I had to tell my mom what had happened. She then called the police. I was under the bed when I heard a knock at the door. she opened it,
and It was a uniformed policeman. I almost passed out with fright. Somehow she saved me from being arrested. That's 4. 2. Part 5. My dad married the horrifically frightful woman maned Larry. She would beat us with switches and The old fashion style raiser strap. She ( Larry) would hold us down and pour Tirbinetine directly into our assholes for bedwetting that started when we moved in with her. This went on for years. Would be put on public display washing our pissy sheets in an old scrub tub in the backyard always to the onlook of other kids and parents. We had lived over in the Fletcher park area when I controlled several tornadoes that were descending on me across South street, Virginia Ave, and East street. It was April 11, 1965, Palm Sunday It would be the first Time I summoned the almighty to my presences. I was furious about the stepmom. When we moved with her at 1401 Charles Street is where we lived when they were married after living together for 2-3 years with us. On the first Saturday or Sunday, my twin and I would Play kick the can down the street. Our Evil stepmom had warned us about not to leave our side of the street. As thing would be, we kicked the can down the street to where there was a Most beautiful sight: #SacredHeartCatholicChurch In Indianapolis, In Suddenly out of Know where 2 GOD like men in Colorful robe's and A hat came somehow out of the suddenly of the church. They said " I.Q. instead of making all this noise so early in the morning, maybe we would like to go Bowling. I had never bowled.I had melted at there sight because of the Tornado Incident. When I took off my shoes, I had on wholly soaks. The priest said that we could not Bowl with our Teeny shoes on. He came over to help me with bowling and Said that besides being a Catholic priest that he was a Medical doctor. An asked if had been looked over lately. Next thing I knew he was behind me putting something into my asshole. My twin had been Classically separated from me during this Rape. I did not see what happened to this little boy that had no possibilities to survive now being Raped Like me... 7.Paperboy years. After 7 or so trips to the children's Home we ended up on the west side where I became a paperboy to escapes my stepmom and be independent. We moved across town to Cottage courts. I became a paperboy. Within a short time ( i was a star carrier require 5: am wake up for a 12-year-old). I was in the paper office to pay my bill. There was only a single desk in this office and maybe benches. I sat down with my new paper manager for the first time or so. Before he took my payment, he opened up a lower draw revealing a drawer full of Rolled coins and said he needed to get something out of his car. I sat alone with a drawer full of cash. I took a single roll of quarters. I never stole only to survive. He left by the front door only to Instantly exploded through the back door. I was going to Jail. The paper Indianapolis Star would have me convicted. Again with the police thing. I did not want to go to jail. He said I could suck his dick or go to jail. He had a large cock with warts on the side of it. The Catholic Priest Encounter changed my entire life.