Thursday, February 25, 2016


Public Party; Libertarian Party. Looks like Twins. Green Party looks like Cousins of Mine.

A Republican is for the Corporation. A Democrat is for the Institution. A Libertarian is For Individual. Are we going to take this state and make it after our own image? Lead the country out of Darkness Back into the Light? Shall we change the World? Or let it die away.....When I joined the Libertarian party in the late 70's The was no plan on movement no possibility of Advance. Now! I say to You, Now! Is that Time that has been waited for. Now! So Let Us make some noise, let's crack some Jokes and Embarrass The competition. We already know their dicks are small. It is time for lots and lots of new people understand what we are about as a Party Of Liberty seekers. And why is it that we alone are the Party, Libertarian Party, that is what our Founders envisioned as a democracy. My 5Th Great Grandad was part of that Revolution. I am Part of This Revolution. Are you ready to make a splash? Join The Party.