Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Death of the Democratic/Republican Hate Machine

 Welcoming to the #SUNRISEMOVEMENT.                              The Big Three!          Three things that will destroy the future for all the Worlds Children. And all that is still around at its endpoint.                                                                                                                                                                                                 1. Global Warming will fuck up everything we know and have back to the Younger Dryas climate events 14600 years ago. The last Ice age. That caused this religious mess of all.  

Younger Dryas - Wikipedia                                                                                                                                2. Global Nuclear War. One place alone people one group Hate the rest of the world so much they have tried for five thousand years to control everyone. #Isreal as it is today. Everything else is an illusion of Magic. Their own personal safety has never been of interest to anyone at any time in the world UNTIL they Play there #Trump card. The history of the World has repeatedly shown this threw how they Themselves cause it to happen to them when they do not get their way like a small child with nukes.                                                  3. (The biggy)  The deliberate undermining of Democracy that was envisioned by many 1600 Philosopher Decart and later Niechie. Pushing all the way back to Socrates. How does this happen? Education and Police. Now we have police at every door of the local level schools in rues that they are protecting the children that 100% know and have proven they can take care of themselves. This Gun violence has 0 to do with ownership or possession of guns. But instead, a Psychiatric post to Label and Drug aver single child they can find.                                                                                                                            What is it all about?  a Lack of Love and its higher state of Understanding. A turning of the cheek will have no effect on a Policeman's gun.                                                          Steps to change the way you live.                                                                                                              1. No dual citizenship. One master!                                                                                        2. Remove all taxes special deals for religions. They are the worst violators of Individual right. This Writer personally is a #MeToo crowd of Millions.                                        3. Cut policing in Half while we still can. With all our lives being tracked on the internet we do not need the stuff that goes along with them.                                                        4. Give apologies to all countries we have ruined.                                                                  5.  Create 10- one Trillion dollar coins ( as the banking empire has been doing for centuries). Buyback our banks and fire all the Insurance companies.  Through in the credit bureaus. That is a Hate group cocktail... Take over our public health care for all. Making All this Massive group salaried and safe. Pay for all personal needs for insurance through a national plan. Vigorously prosecute all those in the money game at the top. Prosecute all payday loan operators for the thief by deception conversion and Hate.                                                                                                                                                                                            6. Remember all that is part of the prison system and release all our brothers and sister back home to there families, including some violent criminals. Know the difference between a personal crime of passion and a crime against the machine are all different.                                                                                                                                                                7. Remove all old trained Psychiatrist. They are the destroyers of nations. It was a Psychiatrist that bleed to death our first President and National hero #General Goerge Washington.   All forms of mental personality are Natual. Birth defects are different.          8.  Take money from the coffers of the Most wealthy and pay off all student loans for everyone even if you did not finish. All education must be free for the health of our country and the world. Those coming here from other counties will pay.                                       9. None of Us in America Put a single Jew in a concentration camp in Europe. However, we did Murder 20,000,000 million Indians  We should give the ownership of all National Parks and Most of the BLM land.                                                                                  10. They say 6 million Jews died? Stop whining. We did not do it. Period.  We did worse By the 4,000,000 African Americans we allowed to be Captured Beatened Chained Shipped Sold became Mules for 200 years.  This is personally hard for me, I tell later about that life-changing event. How can you and I help out this grand nation of people to make restitution from the hatred of some many with some many victims? Something huge must be worked out now.   BigD

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